1. Slug (Atmosphere)
    2009 ©Dotmo

  2. La Santa Madre
    Kerrville, Texas, 2012 ©Dotmo

  3. Patterns & Motifs
    Austin, Texas, 2013 ©Dotmo

  4. Nice Try
    Houston, Texas, 2011 ©Dotmo

  5. D33J (WEDIDIT Collective)
    2014 ©Dotmo

  6. SKM [2/2]
    Austin,Texas, 2013 ©Dotmo

  7. The Momentary Outcast
    Austin, Texas, 2011 ©Dotmo

  8. Catacombkid & BeachesBeaches (aka Odesza)
    2014 ©Dotmo

  9. The Passenger
    Houston, Texas, 2006 ©Dotmo

  10. Defiance
    Milan, Italy, 2012 ©Dotmo

  12. :: At the David H. Koch Theater (Lincoln Center) for the NYCB’s Artist Series, this time in collaboration with the incredible French artist & photographer JR. A night to remember indeed :: Photograph by Sowen ::

  13. "Pool Turf Relations"
    :: Photograph by Dotmo ::

  14. :: As per my post from a while back, the Pusha T portraits are now available at the Flags Violet™ shop; the prints are signed, numbered & limited in edition. Printed these portraits in two sizes and here is 50% discount code for you kind followers, to enter when you’re checking out/finalizing your purchase: GRATITUDE. Please don’t hesitate to message me if you have any questions. As always, thank you for the motivation, for the support, and for your possible patronage ::

    (via dotmophotography)

  15. Sir Donjuan &
    Sir Native &
    Sir Nava.

    :: Photography by Dotmo ::