1. Recc & Killa Kyleon
    2014 ©Dotmo

  2. The Year of the Dragon
    San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1996 ©Dotmo

  3. Furneto
    Amsterdam, Netherlands, 1999 ©Dotmo

  5. Bandz
    Houston, Texas, 2009 ©Dotmo

  6. Doughbeezy (Headwreckas Worldwide)
    2014 ©Dotmo

    [sporting that Staple Pigeon snapback, available here]

  7. Every Other Day Basics
    Paris, France, 2010 ©Dotmo

  8. Scott Lipps (One Management & Hole)
    2014 ©Dotmo

    [My infinite thanks to the always generous @sarahsarahowen for asking me to shoot for her piece on Scott Lipps, and so for trusting my photography (and etiquette) skills. Much gratitude as well to @collectivehub Magazine for bringing on board, thus giving me my first opportunity to work with an Australian publication!]

  9. Light Bleed (a)
    Barcelona, Spain, 2010 ©Dotmo

  10. Discovery & Scrutiny
    San Diego, California, 2008 ©Dotmo

  11. Mutulu Olugbala aka M-1 (Dead Prez)
    2012 ©Dotmo

  12. Shuffled Reading
    Dallas, Texas, 2008 ©Dotmo

  13. Jeffrey Paradise (Poolside)
    2011 ©Dotmo

  14. Refraction
    Austin, Texas, 2011 ©Dotmo

  15. Shortayh Pops
    Austin, Texas, 2013 ©Dotmo